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Armando Gil
via Google

I have been going here for 17 years and I can say that without a doubt this is the best place to come for Taekwondo. Kids, teens, adults it doesn't matter because everyone is always welcome.
This place also teaches something other Martial arts schools tend to overlook and that is leadership.
Vancouver Martial Arts did not just change my life it became one of the foundations I base my life on.

Kat Meldrum
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Vancouver MA is a great place to take your kids! Master Alan and his team of instructors are dedicated to providing a positive atmosphere for their students. My daughter and the other students in her class are learning important life skills. They are becoming disciplined, strong, and confident.

Clint and Kathleen

Mia Elvira Roxas
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The disciplines of taekwondo are taught, along with valuable life lessons and skills. The instructors and students create a great and safe learning environment. Truly an amazing place to find your potential and learn martial arts.

Ashlynn B
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Joining Vancouver Martial Arts was one of the best decisions that I ever made in my life! During my time there I learned so many important life lessons that will carry on with me for the rest of my life! The people are so knowledgeable and friendly; they become another family to you and the do jang is another home!!! Gaining a Black Belt is just one part of the whole amazing experience!!! I wouldn't trade what I gained from the Temple and Master, the incredible man who runs it, for the world!! I am so happy I found it and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderful and rewarding experience and community!! ?? I'd give it 6 or more stars if I could!!

Tom Mulligan
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I am fitter and healthier than ever. All done in a fun and safe environment with incredible teachers. I am truly earning my black belt. One step at a time.

Tim Sarazen
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Fantastic School- Master Alan does a great job making everyone feel comfortable and I left feeling confident and encouraged.... I will be back!

Adnan Sarwar
via Google

"SELF ESTEEM IS EVERYTHING" | For Adults as well as For Children. Being a father of our baby daughter I cannot even put a price on how important, how precious and how much self esteem and self confidence will assist her in her adult life. Martial Arts has touched me when I was young and the discipline, mental toughness, patience, courage and persistence learned while climbing every single best is proving to be the critical factors which assists me in making the best decisions for my family, my clients and our business partners. Jiddu Krisnamurti once said : "Self Reliance Is THE ULTIMATE FREEDOM" | Vancouver Martial Arts and especially Being With Master, we learn that skill and are forever improved so that we may be able to serve humanity in the most effective and efficient manner. For that I am extremely grateful and are happy to recommend Vancouver Martial Arts to you warmly and enthusiastically.

Namaste, Peace and Blessings.

Adnan Sarwar and Family

Wipf Lea
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After being a member of Vancouver Martial Arts for over 2 years, I can only say that it has brought me more than I ever expected.
The training offered by Master Azizi goes way beyond physical fitness.
Come, try a class or even observe how we train, share and enjoy!

Reliant Studios
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Very nice club

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